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inventor_id in persistent_inventor_disambig


Even though there is some information in, I am not very clear about the definitions of those inventor_id fields in persistent_inventor_disambig file.

(1) Does the variable, 'current_rawinventor_id' correspond to the variable, 'inventor_id', in rawinventor file?

(2) What's the difference between 'current_rawinventor_id' and 'old_rawinventor_id' in persistent_inventor_disambig file?

(3) When was 'current_rawinventor_id' generated? 

(4)  If the variable, 'current_rawinventor_id' corresponds to the variable, 'inventor_id', in rawinventor file, how shall we convert that id to other id versions in other years, for instance to 'disamb_inventor_id_20191008', or do the mutual conversion between other id versions? 

(5) Based on the inventor name disambiguation process, it seems possible that several records with same old id, eg, 'disamb_inventor_id_20191008' could have different 'disamb_inventor_id_20191231' due to additional information. Is there any way we could use to exactly identify which new id those records with same old id belong to respectively?  

Would you mind answering these questions?




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Hi Pin,

Thank you for reaching out to us with these questions. Here are our responses:

1) The current_rawinventor_id field corresponds to the uuid field in the rawinventor table.

2) The current_rawinventor_id is added to this table every time we release a new data update. This field will display the uuids for all inventors from previous updates as well as new values for newly added inventors. The old_rawinventor_id field will have NULL values for new inventors however, the ids for inventors which have persisted across updates will match in these two fields. For this current file, the current_rawinventor_id has ids for all inventors from the 2019-12-31 update while old_rawinventor_id has ids for inventors from the 2019-10-08 update.

****Note: in the next update (releasing early next week) we will be changing the format to get rid of this structure and will have one rawinventor_id field which will map to the uuid field in the rawinventor table.

3) See 2

4) The field which corresponds to the inventor_id is disamb_inventor_id_20191231. If you are working with the newly generated files from the 2019-12-31 update, you can use this disamb_inventor_id_20191231 field to map the data between the persistent_inventor_disambig and rawinventor files. If you happen to be using a rawinventor file from an older update and know the update version you can use one of the previous ids. I.e. disamb_inventor_id_20191008, disamb_inventor_id_20190820, etc.

5) You can use the current_rawinventor_id field and compare the values from disamb_inventor_id_20191008 and disamb_inventor_id_20191231 to check which, if any, of these ids have changed and which have stayed the same.

We hope that we have sufficiently answered all of your questions regarding these two files. If you need any clarification or have any remaining questions please reach out to us again.


Last seen: 06/18/2020 - 16:13
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Hi PVTeam,  Thanks a lot. …

Hi PVTeam, 

Thanks a lot.  I have a followup question. Are you going to update all data files next week? Or are all those files in patentsview being updated simultaneously for each update time?