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Welcome to the PatentsView Community

In a data-driven corporate environment, patent information can contribute to the success of an entrepreneur, researcher, or innovator. The PatentsView Community was created to engage and connect interested novices, researchers, and patent experts. This diverse group of people involved in patenting, entrepreneurship, and innovation provides a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and innovation.  

We encourage you to: 

Recent News

  • Please note that the domain for our site's community pages have been changed to Bookmarks and links to "" will no longer automatically redirect to the forum, data in action spotlights or community welcome pages.

  • The PatentsView database is current through December 30, 2021. All data are accessible through the web tool, API, query builder tool, and bulk downloads. The next update is planned to go live September 2022 and will include data through June 30, 2022.

  • A detailed list of the bulk download edits (and upcoming edits) can be found here:

  • The PatentsView team has posted read-in scripts to assist users with the new files on GitHub -