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Coding Resources

These resources include code snippets and packages for utilizing the PatentsView API and bulk data download products. Explore them before or while you build your own code!

Datasets Related to PatentsView

PatentsView data is modified and used by different research groups each year, some make their work public. Below are sources for BigQuery for historical PatentsView data, Zenodo for links between patents and scientific articles through 2020, NBER’s database of patents and citations for longitudinal study, and datasets from the USPTO Office of the Chief Economist.

Data Working Groups to Join

Below are sources for involvement in patent data exploration including the I3 collaborative and IPRoduct repositories. Each allow for users to contribute to data frames and named data project as well as to export subsets. IPRoduct focuses on connecting patents to products in support of IPR (intellectual property rights). I3 is a project to connect citations and patents between and across patenting groups worldwide.