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Release Notes for PatentsView

Data Update: 12/29/2020

Data Changes

  1. Updated disambiguation algorithm (
  2. Disambiguated PGPubs (pre-grant published patent applications) data.
  3. PGPubs data tables added to bulk downloads!
  4. Reparse of brf_sum_text detail_desc_text, draw_desc_text tables for years 2001-2004.
  5. Reparse of claims data for year 2001.
  6. Revised inventor disambiguated inventor bulk downloads table to include gender attribution fields: male_flag and attribution_status. Updated data dictionary.
  7. Inventor_gender table has been removed and its fields have been incorporated into the inventor table. Rawgender table is the raw gender attribution data.
  8. FIPs code with floating decimals in the location table have been resolved.

Additional System Notices

  1. Redesigned bulk downloads pages and data download dictionaries to increase their functionality.
  2. Methods description pages for all PatentsView algorithms and processes now available.
  3. More functionality and resources will be added to the Gender and Innovation page, stay tuned!

Upcoming Changes

The PatentsView team is planning changes to the API, to be released with the next data update (Data up to Mar 30, 2021 planned to be release first week of June 2021). The major changes under this update are,

  • US Application and US Patent Citation fields will move to their own individual endpoints.
  • The fields available under the classification endpoints will be limited to classification lookups.
  • Please see the API Update Table for a detailed list of changes.

If you would like to participate in beta testing, please contact the team at


Data update: 09/29/2020

Data Changes

  1. Reparse of rawlawyer, rawinventor, rawexaminer, and patent tables, years 1976-2001.
  2. Reparse of us_parties table to include missing applicant items, years 2013-2020 (pregrant applications database).
  3. Reparse of the 2005-2020 data for all text tables (brf_sum_text, claims, detail_desc_text, and draw_desc_text).
  4. Reparse of the 2002-2004 data for the claims table.
  5. Removal of location_inventor and location_assignee tables.
    • Location id can now be found in the patent_inventor and patent_assignee tables.
  6. Resolution of field 11 missing data errors in the WIPO table.
  7. Added H patents back to patent, patent_assignee, patent_inventor, patent_lawyer, rawassignee, rawinventor, and rawlawyer tables.

Additional System Changes

  1. Updated data download links to use SSL.
  2. Increased server size of API to reduce internal error messages.

Data update: 06/30/2020

Data Changes

  1. H patents are temporarily removed from the database awaiting reparsing. Currently, H patent numbers are incorrectly loaded with the corresponding check digits (from the raw data) loaded as part of the patent number. The data has been reparsed to remove erroneous mapping and will be added to the database for the next update
  2. Claims data has been reparsed to include newlines in the text and improved dependent field extraction has been implemented. Data from 1976 - 2000 (newlines, dependent field improvement) and 2005 - 2020 (newlines) has been posted on the bulk download page. Data from 2001 -2004 is being processed and will be posted as and when they become available

Pregrant Publications Data

  1. A beta version of USPTO’s pre-grant publication data is now available at : Users should note that this is pre-release product and may be missing data elements. We encourage users to report any issues that they find in the data.

API Changes

  1. The API has moved to the Amazon’s Beanstalk platform and consequently the URL has changed. The new URL is Previous URLs will redirect to the new URL, but POST requests will not work. The redirection is a temporary failsafe and users should update their URL to the updated URL.

Querytool Changes

  1. In an effort to reduce the delay in communication during a Querytool failure, we have implemented an email alert system. We hope to utilize this system to be bit more quicker in resolving any errors that the Querytool may face.

Data update: 03/31/2020 

Bulk Download Changes

  • Line Breaks retained in text data:
    • Claims: all text from 2001 and later will have the line breaks in the text
    • Brief Summary Text:
      • Data from 2020 and later will have the line breaks retained in the text
      • Line breaks for older data will get included when the first opportunity to reparse older data arises.
    • Detailed Description Text:
      • from 2020 and later will have the line breaks retained in the text.
      • Line breaks for older data will get included when the first opportunity to reparse older data arises.
    • Draw Description Text: Line breaks are not included at this time.
  • Location ID added to patent_assignee and patent_inventor
    • Previously to identify the location of a patent by the way of the assignee, patent_assignee needed to be joined with location_assignee and then with the location table. A similar join was needed for the patent inventor. To reduce the complexity, patent_assignee and patent_inventor tables will carry an additional field: location_id. This field will map to the id field from the location table. This makes the data in location_assignee and location_inventor redundant. Future releases will not carry these two tables.
  • Read In Scripts:
    • Example Python & R scripts that demonstrate reading each bulk download file will be available here: Read In Scripts This is a work in progress and will be updated over time.
  • Planned changes after 2020.03.22v1 release (Documentation and details will be added with the release)
    • Claims:
      • Remove duplicates in some of the claims yearly files where the first set of records (about 300K) are duplicated.
      • Remove NULL text data in some of the claims files.
      • Recode NUM field and add documentation.
      • Recode Exemplary field (replacing TRUE/FALSE with 0/1)
      • Re-order header to be consistent with data dictionary
    • Brief Summary Text:
      • Break files into yearly files
    • Draw Description Text:
      • Break files into yearly files
      • Include line breaks in the text