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State of disambiguation ID persistence for assignees, lawyers, and locations?

With reference to the Disambiguation FAQS post 2021 update:

2021 Update: With the data update release in Mar 2021 (data through Dec 29, 2020), the inventor ID values are persistent. Thanks to the incremental process supported by the updated disambiguation algorithm, new inventor records are disambiguated and assigned the same ID (for inventors who already existed in the PatentsView databases ) or assigned a new ID (new inventors) accordingly.

Assuming this statement does mean that inventor_id in (e.g.) rawinventor.tsv will be persistent though upcoming file updates from here on out... does this persistence also now apply to assignee_id in (e.g.) rawassignee.tsv, lawyer_id in rawlawyer.tsv, and/or location_id in rawlocation.tsv?

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Inconsistent persistence

Unfortunately, no. For now, the assignee ID and location ID can change from update to update and so we will continue to create the persistent assignee table to map IDs across updates. 


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