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Question on inventor id and archive version

Hi Community,

I am exploring the disambiguation inventor data, and this disambiguation data is very cool!! When exploring it, I have two questions:

1. The first one is a simple question: while most of the inventor ids in the newest version of inventor data (March 8th, 2021) start with "fl" (e.g., fl:a_ln:agrawal-54), there are still 1% of the inventor ids with the format of md5 (e.g., 0000n6xqianutadbzbgzwled7). What happen to those md5 inventor ids, are there any special circumstances?

2. Could we access the old version of the disambiguation data? You know, I downloaded the disambiguation assignee data in last year and it was 20200929 version. But last week when I started to explore the inventor, I found I couldn't access the 20200929 version of inventor data. In order to maintain consistency, I want to use the same version of the data. Could your team simply provide a archive page or some links in the download page to access the old version of the data?

Thank you so much!




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Hello Xugan,  To address…

Hello Xugan, 

To address your first question, the ids have changed due to the updated disambiguation algorithm from the last data update cycle. They should still map and link correctly to the other data tables. 

Our team is happy to provide the links to past data updates, those links are active as we retain data from each update cycle on our server.

Thank you,

The PatentsView Team