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Match patent data with CRSP data

Hi everyone,

I am currently searching a way to match the organizations in the patentsview patent data with the CRSP database. Has anyone ever done this before? Is there a possibility to add some kind of identifier to the patentsview database like CUSIP, PERMCO, TICKER, ...?

Thank you a lot in advance!

Best regards

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Patent mapping -- Hello!…

Patent mapping --

Hello! Our updated assignee disambiguation method includes mapping to PERM ID – we could look at releasing the PERMID to assignee mappings in a later data release. Here are some folks that are doing organization mapping:



Hoping this helps a little!

-PV Team

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Thank you! Do you know,…

Thank you!

Do you know, when the data release will be?

I checked their work, but unfortunally I do not get a lot of matches using their alogrithm...

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Have you checked out the…

Have you checked out the work of Arora et al.? They did the most recent attempt at matching that I know of.