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Massive decrease in patents returned by queries since March?

I wrote a little python script back in March that retrieved all the patents since 2016 for a handful of CPC Group Codes I'm interested in.

Back then, many of these codes would return over 100k patents. Now, across all 12 codes, I'm only retrieving about 8k patents. Nothing about the script has changed since then, and when I try to do a search on the website I'm similarly only returning a fraction of the number of patents returned earlier this year.

I did a search on Google Patent Search to sanity check, and for many of the CPC group codes it is returning over 100k patents since 2016. CPC Group Code A61K since 2016 only returns 1264 patents, GPS returns 100k+. CPC Group Code B82Y only returns 19! patents over that time, while Google Patent Search returns 100k+. 

Any ideas what's going on? Did the API change in some way, or is there some new default value for a parameter that limits what is being returned?

An example URL that I'm hitting:{"_and":[{"cpc_group_id":"A61K"}, {"_gte":{"patent_date":"2016-01-01"}}]}&f=["patent_number", "patent_title", "patent_abstract", "patent_date", "patent_kind", "patent_type", "cpc_subsection_id", "cpc_group_id", "cpc_subgroup_id", "cpc_category", "cpc_subsection_title", "cpc_group_title", "cpc_subgroup_title", "cpc_first_seen_date", "cpc_last_seen_date", "cpc_sequence"]&s=[{"patent_date":"desc"}]&o={"page":1,"per_page":10000}
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Data completeness in Legacy API

Thank you for your patience while we've investigated and resolved this gap in the data of our legacy API.

CPC data in both the legacy and Elasticsearch APIs should now be up-to-date with our most recent data update, providing data up through 2023-06-30.

Please let us know if you find anything else amiss!