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Examiner Information for non-granted applications

Dear PatentsView team,

thanks for all your effort in data curation. It's highly apprecitated. I'm working with the rawexaminer.tsv data and linked it to the pre_grant publication.tsv. That works just great but for some applications - those that were not granted - there is no match.

Do you know whether these data might become available, soon? And if so, are there plans to disambiguate the examiner data?
Thanks so much in advance


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Examiner info on granted patents only at this time

Hi Theresa,

We do not have information on examiners for patent applications that are not granted, only for those which have been granted. This is not a data element that we have plans to disambiguate at this time. 

The examiner on applications which are not granted patents may be unavailable to the public or there may be restrictions on who has access to this information.  However, this data may be available from the USPTO. Here is something we found that relates to your question on their website:

Thank you,


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Examiners for patents in the research data seems limited

Dear PVTeam,

thanks for you answer. I did indeed know about the patent examination research data set. What I find remarkable, though, is that it differs from the examiner data of patentsview in so far, that it features only one examiner per patent (and non-granted application). but patentsview's data on examiners often have two examiners per patent. I'd be extremely interested in having these examiner pairs also for the pre-grant applications but via the research data I won't be able to get them. I'd be happy to have them only for the applications that are no longer in the patent prosecution process. Do you see any option for getting these data?

Thanks in advance!