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Inventor + Assignee Address or Census Tract Information


I was wondering if PatentsView collected street-level residential and/or mailing address information for all inventors + assignees on each patent application in the 2000-present period. It seems like existing location_id, latitude, and longitude data on a patent application's inventors and assignees in PatentsView are collected at the town/municipal level, and I was wondering if the team has provided more disaggregated location information at the street address level. Any data linking application number to the associated inventor + assignee IDs and street-level addresses would be very helpful. Alternatively, if there exists data that links application numbers to associated inventor + assignee IDs and Census Tract-level locations would be just as helpful, as I am aiming to collect statistics on patenting activity by Census Tract.

Do let me know if the PatentsView team might have such data available in any capacity. If not, it would be great to know whether such information could be obtained via FOIA request from the USPTO. Thank you again for your help and consideration.



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Location information available in PatentsView database

Hello George, 

The USPTO does not publicly release street or address level information of inventors. You could potentially map PatentsView available location data on to the Census Tract parameters using the county-level FIPS codes (loose location match) or the disambiguated latitude and longitude data (precise location match). If you do or have done this work, we would like to share it more broadly with the community via our site's blog.  

-PV Team