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New data fields FAQs

Where can I find the full list of new data fields added to the PatentsView database?

The full list of PatentsView data fields is available in the data dictionary. The new fields added in the March 2017 database update are highlighted in yellow. All of the new fields except detailed description text are accessible through the bulk data download page. The majority of new fields have been also added to the API.

Why is detailed description text not available for download?

The size of the detailed description text table is 137GB. Therefore, the PatentsView team made a decision to not add the table to the bulk data download page nor offer it for direct download from the PatentsView server. However, we added a new "detail_desc_length" field to the API with the character count (length) of the detailed description for every patent.

Where can I find priority data for every patent?

Priority data can be found in multiple locations depending on the nature of the priority and patent grant date. Foreign priority data is available in the foreign_priority table of the PatentsView database. U.S. priority data can be derived from the related applications data available in two tables: rel_app_text and usreldoc (all tables can be found on the bulk downloads page). We recommend combining information from both tables since each covers different time periods. For example, the source data for patents granted 1976-2001 contains only textual references to related applications and other related documents. Source data for patents granted after 2005 provides more structured information.