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Disambiguated Inventor & Assignee merge


I was trying to use the disambiguated inventor.tsv & assignee.tsv. However the I could not match the id in both files to any of the other id variables. The closest I got was by matching the id variables in inventor.tsv and rawinventor.tsv, but it matched only 217435 entries.

How could I use inventor.tsv & assignee.tsv with the other datasets?


Thank you,



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Hello Sanjana, If I…

Hello Sanjana, 

If I understand correctly, you are trying to link the disambiguated ids from various tables ie. assignee and inventor. If so, then the solution is to use the crosswalk tables (ie. patent_assignee, patent_inventor, etc.)
Linking disambiguated inventor data across data updates requires using the persistent_inventor_disambig table as a crosswalk. 

Let us know if we can help further!



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Updated persistent_inventor_disambig

Dear PVTeam,

Thank you for your informative response.

Unfortunately the persistent_inventor_disambig provides a crosswalk only until the release of disamb_inventor_id_20200929. I do understand that "With the data update release in Mar 2021 (data through Dec 29, 2020), the inventor ID values are persistent." However, this is much after the available date. I also tried matching the ids available in persistent_inventor_disambig to id in inventor.tsv but could not find any match. 

Could you guide me on how to use the crosswalk with the updated data?

Thank you.


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Hello Sanjana, can you…

Hello Sanjana, can you please email us the code you are working with and we can follow-up with you individually from there?