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Gender & Innovation

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Office of the Chief Economist - Progress and Potential Report

United States Patent and Trademark Office's Office of the Chief Economist published a data highlight report in July 2020 using PatentsView data and research literature to comment on trends in women inventor-patentees since the last update in 2017. 

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Data & Visualization

Inventor Table with Gender Fields & Status (+4.3M records, download)

Raw Gender Table from 2020 Attribution Disambiguation (+4.3M records, download)

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The Latest

Innovation is widely viewed as a central driver of economic growth. As a result, many countries use a variety of policies to spur innovation, ranging from tax incentives to technical education. How effective are these policies? One way to understand the effectiveness is to study who becomes an inventor. What do their experiences teach us about factors that affect rates of innovation?

Thankfully, social views have changed, and there are now few explicit deterrents to female inventors and creators. But strong evidence of latent gender bias remains. For example, when looking at modern patent filings, it is clear that a substantial gap exists between the number of female and male patent applicants; women are conspicuously absent in every aspect of the patent system.