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Assignee and Inventor disambiguated merge

Hi, Team:

First, thanks for making this amazing data available. I saw there was a similar question about this merge posted before but it didn't solve my issue.

I'm having trouble understanding why not the unique patent IDs present in the assignee_disambiguated and inventor_disambiguated are not the same (or one is the subset of the other). Why is this not true?

Trying to merge both, I find that 854 unique patent_ids in the assignee_disambiguated.tsv are not in the inventor_disambiguated.tsv. For recent years they are all statutory invention registration types. But for the inventor_disambiguated there are circa. 9.2 million unique patent_ids with no match in the assignee_disambiguated data. Does this happen because many patents have no assignee and do not show up in the assignee_disambiguated data?

Many thanks in advance,


Last seen: 08/01/2023 - 09:04
Joined: 06/23/2023 - 13:07
Some examples

I checked some examples of patents in the 'g_inventor_disambiguated.tsv' that were missing in the 'g_assignee_disambiguated.tsv' and indeed they all had no assignee. However, doing the same for patent ids that are in the 'g_assignee_disambiguated.tsv' table but are missing in the 'g_inventor_disambiguated.tsv' yields results that do have an inventor assigned. Some examples:

- Patent no. 4506917: Inventor Hansen Arne, from US

- Patent no. 5243534: Inventor Takahashi Yoshikatsu, from Japan

- Patent no. 5227695: Inventors Jacques Pelletier, Yves Arnal, Michel Pichot, from France

- Patent no. 4968068: Inventor Larsson Kenneth, from Sweden

- Patent no. 4757511: Inventors Hans Klingel et al, from Germany

All of the above are not in the 'g_inventor_disambiguated.tsv'.