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assignee_type classification criteria

I have a question about how the "assignee_type" variable in the "g_assignee_disambiguated" table is defined in the data.

Specifically, the variable classifies assignees into "Company" (or "Corporation") and other types, and further divides "Companies" into "US" and "Foreign." Could you please explain how you identify whether an assignee is a company, and how you define their nationality (US or Foreign)? Is it based on the location of their headquarters?

Thank you very much!

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ASSIGNEE_TYPE data source


The assignee_type variable comes directly from USPTO's patent data. The assignment of a domestic/foreign or individual/organization/government code is based on the data submitted in the original application on the Application Data Sheet, which includes a set of address fields and an "organization" checkbox for applicants and assignees.

You can find more details on the USPTO Application Data Sheet on the Patent Office website here.