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SSL on PatentsView

As of November 19th, 2019 all sites on PatentsView are SSL enabled.  All non-SSL access will be automatically redirected to use the SSL enabled site. We ask the PatentsView community to update the URLs so they use instead of

If you are seeing any issues with the website, facing problems in accessing various tools or simply have questions, please reach out to us by replying to this thread or visit our service desk. We thank you for your support and as always we welcome feedback and questions

Update 1 : If you use POST method to query the API,  you would need to update your URL to use https. This is because the redirects do not retain the POST data.

Update 2: The community site is now hosted at Previous URL automatically redirects to the new URL, but we ask the users to update their bookmarked links , if any.

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Awesome!  Could the python wrapper be updated to reflect this change?  Possibly also accepting my pr to add paging?  I've raised an issue in the R package repo to have the change made there too.

Thanks, Russ

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Hi Russ,  Yes, the Python…

Hi Russ,

 Yes, the Python wrapper code has been updated to reflect this change. Additionally, we have approved your PR to add paging.


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hello patentsview team.  why…

hello patentsview team.  why sometimes i can`t access your api specifically the patent endpoint. how can i fix this problem? Thank You.

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Hi nav07, Thank you for…

Hi nav07,

Thank you for reaching out to us with this issue. Can you please provide some more details regarding what is happening when you cannot get access? For instance, are there any error messages you are receiving, is the website not loading, does this only happen for specific queries, etc.? Any additional information you can give will help us to better understand and resolve this problem for you.


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