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Any best practice to follow to hit the patents endpoint api?

I am sorry if this question is open ended!

I am running a code in python using requests module to get patents data for more than 500 organizations, I had not set any other criteria in the url other than the organization name and I have set the per page parameter to 10,000.

I am getting error 500 while running the loop, I am using try except block to skip errors and continue to query for further companies and it works fine for further companies. 

I ran the loop multiple times and it turns out the error 500 occurs when the organization has large number of patents data but the error is not fixed for a particular organization, can occur while querying for any organization with huge patents data.

What should I do to avoid running into this error?

Please let me know if I need to provide any more details for better understanding of the problem statement. Thanks!

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Hello !  Our best…

Hello ! 

Our best recommendation is to reduce the size of your query. We are making changes to the backend of PatentsView to better manage the increasing size of the data, however, these revisions are set to begin being released over the summer. 


PatentsView Team