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Problem with query

Im having trouble building complex queries. I have the following query:


"q": {"_or":[{"_text_all":{"patent_title":"cancer"}},{"_text_all":{"patent_abstract":"cancer"}}]},

"o": {"page":1,"per_page":10},

"f": ["patent_id","patent_number","patent_date", "patent_title"]



Which returns


"patents": [


"patent_id": "10000443",

"patent_number": "10000443",

"patent_date": "2018-06-19",

"patent_title": "Compositions and methods for glucose transport inhibition"

}, ...

"total_patent_count": 32107



Now, If I do the following query, I would expect to still have results, albeit a lot less than the 32 K, since the first patent_date in the results is 2018-06-19.


"q": {

"_and": [





"o": {"page":1,"per_page":10},

"f": ["patent_id","patent_number","patent_date", "patent_title"]


In my mind, this query should fetch all the results that have the word cancer in the title or the abstract AND their patent_date is greater than 2018-01-01. But the result Im getting is 


"patents": null,

"count": 0,

"total_patent_count": 0


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I am experiencing query problems as well


I am also having strange query results.  This link works:{"_and":[{"_gte":{"patent_date":"2007-01-04"}},{"_lte":{"patent_date":"2007-12-31"}}]}

This one does not (returns 0 patent count):{"_and":[{"_gte":{"patent_date":"2008-01-04"}},{"_lte":{"patent_date":"2008-12-31"}}]}


I am also having problems accessing CPC subgroups.  I have several queries that were previously working and are now broken, returning no results.


Has something changed?


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API Resolved

Hello! This issue is now resolved with the API. Thank you for your patience while we found the error and made a fix.