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Dear PV-Team

I have collected patents on firm-level and want to merge the data with cpc_current. However, it turns out that this only works for patents with numerical patent id's. 

Why do some patents start with letters (such as R or D)? And is there a reason why those patents are not provided in the cpc_current data frame?



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try the ipcr file

Hi Vanessa,

You could try the ipcr file for the at-issue International Patent Classifications.  The bulk cpc data file from the patent office (the patentsview source) only has cpc assignments for utility patents, the ones that don't start with a letter.  From Non-utility patents must include a prefix: 'D' for design patents, 'PP' for plant patents, 'RE' for reissue patents, 'T' for defensive publications, and 'H' for SIRs.

I don't think design patents get cpc assignments, but reissued patents and some plant patents have them but they are not included in the bulk cpc file available on this page  I asked the patent office about it and was told the the cpc data for the non-utility patents is not available as a bulk file.

Russ Allen

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Dear Russ Thank you very…

Dear Russ

Thank you very much for your reply! That was very helpful :)

Have a lovely day