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How to link inventor info with firm and patent

Dear all, 

I'm trying to build a panel data to track inventor mobility. I saw in rawinventor, there is inventor information and patentid; in application there is patent and rawlocation id, but how can I get link with firm information? And how rawlocation id related to other location id?

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Hello,  Rawlocation is the…


Rawlocation is the location information parsed from USPTO's bulk data releases, prior to running our disambiguation algorithm. The location file contains disambiguated location data for inventors and assignees. You can link the location table to the inventor table using the patent_inventor crosswalk table which contains inventor_id and location_id fields. 

To answer your question on firm information, if you are looking for the organization that sponsors or owns the patent in cases where the patents are not owned by individual inventors, then you will be looking at "assignees." You can link assignee information with patents and locations by joining assignee with patent_assignee and then joining to the patent or location file depending on what you are looking for. 

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