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Having issues getting complex queries to work with text parameters

I have tried a dozen different ways to query the patent_abstract parameter with multiple words, but have been unable to. Similar results occur when hitting the patent_title parameter (basically anything with full text doesn't work for me).

This produces results:{"_and":[{"_text_all":{"patent_abstract":"Marvel"}}]}
And this produces results:{"_and":[{"_text_all":{"patent_abstract":"Tesla"}}]}

But these do not:
{"_and":[{"_text_any":{"patent_abstract":"Marvel Tesla"}}]}

I am also trying to get it so I can query the patent abstract with both include and exclude
words/phrases, but similarly, no results are occurring.

How do I query multiple words from the abstract and how would I exclude a word from abstract in conjunction with the include?

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Query Builder Emails Down

Hello Eric,

The PatentsView Query Builder email is down due to a change to Google's allowance of our API to send emails on our behalf. While we work on a repair, please contact us directly at to request a dataset. 

Thank you,