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Why some patents in uspatentcitation.tsv not appears in patent.tsv, and vice versa?

Hi PV team and other users,

I found a problem with the dataset but not sure the reason. 

I download patent.tsv from granted section (which I think include only granted patent right?), and uspatentcitation.tsv.

I found some patents only appear in uspatentcitation.tsv - citation_id, ie they are cited by other patents. But not appear in patent.tsv. For instance, citation_id: D226884, 3822488, D229251, D227821, Plt7362, Re14171. Why is this the case?

And there are some patents only appears in patent.tsv, but not in uspatentcitation.tsv as citation_id, like patent PP5148, 4098105, 9785642. I guess this is because they are never cited by other patents? 

I hope my description is clear. Can you answer my question as well as confirm my guess?

Thanks a lot

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Citations before 1976


I think you are right about patents in only patents.tsv, they haven't been cited by other patents yet but could be in the future.  The release notes page says there will be another data load in September so a patent that doesn't currently have citations could have citations after the data load.

The ones only in patentcitations are because they are too early.  The patentsview database is built from the bulk files the  US Patent Office makes available on  For granted patents it's from 1976 and up, for applications it's from 2001 on.  Most of your examples were issued before 1976.

The one later citation is a mistake in the underlying data.  PP8,631 is a rose plant patent that cites Plt7362 October 1990 de Ruiter, but they've incorrectly stated the patent number.  It should be PP7362 which is another rose plant issued on October 23, 1990 to Gijsbert de Ruiter.  You should be able to find PP7362 in patents.tsv  

You could check the patent number to see if it's too early.  Here are the first patents in the patentsview database and bulk files by type 3930271 (utility), PP3987 (plant), D242583 (design), RE28671(reissue)

I hope this helps,
Russ Allen

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Hi Russ, thank you for the…

Hi Russ, thank you for the detailed reply, it is extremely helpful!