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ICL_Class field in USPTO Bulk Data to CPC class and subclass


I downloaded USPTO bulkdata using the patentpy package ( There is an ICL_class (International classification) field here. I need help to map this to CPC_class and CPC_subclass.

The link isn't working.

Kindly advise how can this be done? Thanks.


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Hello!  We are not familiar…


We are not familiar with the JYProjs/patentpy project on Github.

An IPC-to-CPC concordance may be found at the website below; available in PDF, XML, and TXT formats. (Note: “ECLA” is the former European Classification system.)


Of note, there are several IPC codes that do not have a corresponding CPC in the concordance. By reviewing the notes associated with the CPC scheme, one may be able to provide a concordance for some of those code, if desired. For example, the notes/warnings for CPC A61K explicitly states IPC A61K101/00 - A61K103/00 are covered by CPC A61K51/00 - A61K51/1296 (see

A CPC-to-IPC concordance resource may also be found at: -- Select “CPC to IPC Concordance” as content.

Thank you,