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Searching for patents with a Director-initiated Order for Reexamination

I'm working on a research project about Director Initiated Orders for Reexamination, and we're trying to find all the patents that have been ordered to be re-examined. I know there are two document codes for such orders: RXDOR (for director ordered) and CDOR (for commissioner ordered). Is there any way to search for these codes in the USPTO database? They should appear in the image file wrappers for all the patents that have been ordered for re-examination, and there are only 200 or so patents since the 1980s that they've been issued for, but I'm not sure how to go about searching for them.

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No images, only drawing descriptions

Hello! I am not sure of how to do this with PatentsView data as it has not been done before to my knowledge. Because re-examination requests can be done by the inventor themselves or a third party, this data is sometimes not publicly available. If you believe the image wrapper provides a clue to the status of a patent, then you may be able to investigate using the drawing description tables in the granted and pre-grant published application downloads. These tables have the text of the description itself, excluding headings, and include figure and table titles. However, we do not carry the images themselves and recommend Google Patents for this. 

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