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New Innovative Modern Wisdom

Over the last 50 years I have witnessed the continuous erosion of this important industry, due to legal and political economic changes which are not in harmony with the original positive intents of this mandate and its national plus international resulted economic development goals and objectives in the best possible ways.
In my intent to secure my inventions and needed commercial partners in the projects related to my inventions, I did join our regional inventors society and was its 1st lobbyist before the political and administrative government ministries as well as the USA PTO as an outside advisor, but after few years of disappointments because Government and the USA PTO had adopted parts of my positive input but not as it should be implemented - because like any invention others do not understand or want to change, it will not work and may fail.
We all see what I have seen many years ago, that A Patent, is not an ample protection, and it costs too much to secure and still has no value, plus it does not succeed to stimulate economic development as to the original objective - so in a world where only 2%-6% of inventions do gain some value, I am still the 1st to invent, 1st to file and 1st not to publish my new arts for patentable new original products and services with vast as well as large economic values.
I do have 2 websites with the wisdom I own and follow so to successfully protect my inventions while searching for the needed partners, so that we can also succeed in the “Sharks eating sharks water” created in the modern shifting cataclysmic global economy - still hoping not to issue my patents first in China or any other global patent office other then the USA 1st.
You are invited to add your input to this discussion, and are welcomed to read what I have posted also in my websites on the wisdom and important innovative “Super Economy” proposal for improving the USAPTO pre-patent process at and at  Where there are also discussion options for the key special interest groups in this industry.
In simple terms, my personal objective over many years has been to “Help pave the road for driving my inventions to successful markets which will benefit from the improved safety and quality of life for its consumers”.