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Change in Country Codes and State FIPs

Hello. On the most recent data pull from patents we noticed two changes to the data.

1) The country codes are now different. In particular, there seem to be some new codes like GBX, GB1, GB2, etc when previously there was just a standard GB (for Great Britain, but also CN and CNX for China as a second example). Where did these new codes come from? 

2) There seems to be some mismatches with the State FIPs codes. When we group on the State code and take the mean of the FIPs code, we don't always get the integer that is meant to be associated with a State FIPs. For example AK should have a State FIPs code of 2, but when we group on State Abbreviation and take the mean of the State FIPs code we get 2.014, so there must be some observations where the State Abbreviation is AK but the State FIPs code is not 2. Any idea where these differences may be originating from? It doesn't seem to be a problem in the data we pull a year ago. 

Please let me know.

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Investigating and fixing

Hi Brad! This issue you are seeing with the location information is a bug in our updated disambiguation algorithm. The location table is grabbing the "country" field in the rawlocation table instead of the "country_transformed" field, in addition, the disambiguation algorithm is using the "country" field instead of the "country_transformed" field to run the disambiguation. We are fixing this for the next update!

We looked into the FIPS codes mismatches and have not been able to reproduce the errors you saw. As a result, we are still investigating this.


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