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Assignee information missing for both granted patent and pre-granted application

I found that some patent application information is missing.

Here is what I did.

I merged the rawassignee.tsv for pregranted applications and the applications.tsv for pregranted application with document number. Thus, I know the application number for each observation in rawassignee.tsv. (For this step, those document numbers in rawassignee.tsv can be fully matched, but I find that there is  4,586,678 applications in application.tsv that are not matched, which means that there are  4,586,678 applications has no assignee information). I checked some of those unmatched applications, they did have original assignee, no matter for firm or person.

Could you please tell me why so many assignee information are missing? Or did I do something wrong?

The similar problem shows also in the granted patent data set. Some patent can not find assignee information in your rawassignee.tsv for granted patent.