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Patent assignee table and patent inventor table mismatch with application

I tried to link the patent_assignee and patent_inventor table with application. I find two problems.

1. In the patent_assignee and patent_inventor table, there are a lot of observations with patent id == . I am wondering that if you don't know that patent id, how can you know their assignee and inventor.

2. When I merge the patent_assignee table and patent_inventor table with application table using patent_id, a lot of patent id in patent_assignee table and patent_inventor table can not be found in application table. Could you tell me why? For example, patent_id

in patent assignee table can not be found in application table.

By the way, can you please tell me if I have a list of assignee name, how can I find out all the patents filed by them?


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Seeing similar things

Data in claims seems more up to date than the patent file.


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We are currently…

We are currently investigating this issue and will respond back when we have more information!

Thank you for letting our team know about the missing instances you came across. 



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Patent ID Mismatch Sources

Thank you for your patience as we have looked into these questions.

Regarding your first item, we were able to confirm that in the current patent_assignee and patent_inventor tables there are no rows where a patent id is either null or empty.

regarding your second item, We can confirm that the examples you provided are currently in the applications table. We are currently aware of two sources of mismatch in availability of patent_ids between tables: 
The first is a known issue in which H-patents (those whose patent id begins with 'H') are absent from many of our tables. This accounts for all current cases in which a patent ID is present in patent_inventor and absent in application. These H-patents also account for many of the cases of patent_ids present in patent_assignee but absent in application. H-patents are planned to be reparsed and incorporated into the remaining tables in a future data update.
In addition to these cases, we have found that some tables, including the patent_assignee table, have in some releases inadvertently included a number of patents ahead of their planned data release schedule, resulting in these patents appearing in patent_assignee and not other tables.
If you are aware of any additional cases which do not fall under either of these categories, please let us know any examples so that we can investigate further.

Regarding your final question, with a list of assignee names, the best approach would likely be to first filter either the assignee table or raw_assignee table to names that match the names in your list and then left or inner join the patents table onto the resulting rows. you can join the patents table directly onto the raw_assignee table using patent_id, or you can join the patents table onto the assignee table by first joining the patent_assignee table onto assignee by the assignee_id.