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Very Incomplete records

I am doing some work based on uspatentcitations.

The patent of interest is 10948472

and the database query returns four records 


10948472, 9189944, applicant, 2

10948472, 10330555, examiner, 20

10948472, 10267729, examiner, 19

10948472, 9599529, examiner, 7

if I go to the PTO site and do a num search

I get so only a small fraction of the actual prior citations are in the data file even within a single patent record.

How wide spread is this issue?

7508520March 2009Lines

8793114July 2014Shafer et al.

9189944November 2015Johnson, Jr. et al.

9322735April 2016Tan

9482591November 2016Rella

9500556November 2016Rella

9557240January 2017Tan

9599529March 2017Steele

9599597March 2017Steele

9618417April 2017Rella

9645039May 2017Tan

9719879August 2017Tan

9739758August 2017Rella

9823231November 2017Steele

10113997October 2018Rella

10126200November 2018Steele

10161825December 2018Rella

10203311February 2019Risk

10240998March 2019Prasad

10267729April 2019Jones

10330555June 2019Tan

10337859July 2019Kreitinger

10337946July 2019Tan

10386258August 2019Steele

10444108October 2019Steele

10466132November 2019Tan

10598562March 2020Steele

2011/0137568June 2011Bradley

2014/0026641January 2014Rella

2014/0032129January 2014Rella

2014/0032160January 2014Rella

2015/0007638January 2015Rella

2015/0219609August 2015Soundarrajan et al.

2016/0010445January 2016Harrison et al.

2016/0146696May 2016Steele

2016/0161456June 2016Risk

2016/0216172July 2016Rella

2016/0247117August 2016Rogers et al.

2017/0097274April 2017Thorpe

2017/0097302April 2017Kreitinger

2017/0185905June 2017Eberbach

2017/0191898July 2017Rella

2017/0336281November 2017Waxman

2018/0045596February 2018Prasad

2018/0216932August 2018Kreitinger

2019/0086287March 2019Rella


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I am using the…

I am using the uspatentcitation.tsv file.


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Patent Citation Data Completeness

Hello Andy

We have confirmed that as of our most recent data update on October 8th, the uspatentcitation download table contains all 27 patent citations for patent 10948472. If you have not done so already, we would recommend downloading this version of the file from our Data Download Tables page to ensure you have the most up-to-date records.