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Missing Text from brf_sum_txt


Working on some algorithms to parse specific parts of the bra_sum_txt and I am noticing that there is incompletenesss.  Often times text before "Summary" sections are not included.

Example: Patent US10128116

The bolded and italic part of the text is missing from the data file. The text starts at This disclosure...



This application claims benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/409,269, filed Oct. 17, 2016, and titled “INTEGRATED DIELECTRIC AND METAL DEPOSITION,” which is incorporated by reference herein in its entirety and for all purposes.


As memory density continues to increase, the industry has turned to 3D structures. Vertically-arranged storage devices are constructed within stacks of alternating layers of dielectric and metal in 3D NAND devices. And there are new types of memory such as PCRAM, ReRAM, FeRAM, etc. that will also utilize similar 3D configurations.

Currently, the stacks of alternating layers of dielectric and metal in 3D NAND devices are constructed by first depositing alternating layers of permanent dielectric (e.g., SiO2) and temporary/sacrificial dielectric (e.g., Si3N4). Then, after channel hole etch and NAND device formation in the channel hole, the Si3N4 layers are removed, typically by wet etch, and replaced by metal layers (e.g., TiN barrier plus W fill for the lateral wordlines in 3D NAND). As the stacks get taller (e.g., from first generation 24/36-pair to future 96/>100-pair), the vertical features (such as channel holes, slits/trenches, staircases, etc.) will become more difficult to etch, and the lateral metal (wordline for 3D NAND) layers more difficult to fill post-Si3N4 removal.


This disclosure relates to apparatus and methods to efficiently and effectively directly deposit a dielectric/conductor stack, also referred to herein as an OMOM (oxide/metal) stack. Currently, oxide deposition and metal/metal nitride deposition are generally performed in separate tools, with oxide and metal/metal nitride dedicated process chambers. Efficient sequential deposition of alternating layers of oxide and metals in a single tool, and even in a single process chamber, reduces or minimizes the non-value added time of moving wafers between tools or between chambers when directly depositing an OMOM stack with many layers. Such apparatus and methods are provided herein.

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Okay, I see the confusion…

Okay, I see the confusion here! The reference you are seeing as being missing from the brf_sum_text table is located in the rel_app_text table. The entry in brf_sum_text begins with "background." The patent you give as an example looks okay from our end, but please let us know if you have additional examples of missing values. 

Thank you!