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Some patents are missing?

Dear PatentsView group, 

Greetings! I was trying to merge the granted patent dataset with another source using the patent number, and I found that some patents are not included in your dataset. For example, patent # 3797248, #  4010111, and #  5415334 - at least 296 patents are missing. After googling it, those are all granted patents. Some of them are old, some are recent data. So I wonder if the patent dataset cover all patents? If no, is it possible to know what kind of patents are not included? 



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source problem

Hi Yuan,

The patentsview database is built from the bulk xml files the US patent office makes available on  For whatever reason, some patents are missing, they are not included in the xml file for the week they were issued.  I found 305 when I did a similar comparison to yours.   

Here's an earlier thread about it  The api links in my post don't work now as the api's url changed, here's the corrected withdrawn patent link and the missing patent one.

Russ Allen