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Missing primary USPCs in design patents

Thank you for providing this great bulk data.

I found only 214,168 design patents out of 765,312 (27.9%) have corresponding USPC data in "g_uspc_at_issue" table in bulk data. Missing USPCs constantly are found throughout granted years.

I also found that this comes from missing primary USPCs. As you see in examples below, all of primary USPCs are missing in the "g_uspc_at_issue" table.

Here are examples. All of design patents are randomly selected. 

g_uspc_at_issue: (missing)
PPUBS: D6/521

g_uspc_at_issue: D16/300; D16/325; D16/314; D16/312
PPUBS: D16/309: D16/300: D16/325; D16/314; D16/312

g_uspc_at_issue: D10/118.2
PPUBS: D10/120; D10/118.2

g_uspc_at_issue: (missing)
PPUBS: D3/217

g_uspc_at_issue: D15/135; D18/50
PPUBS: D15/122 , D15/135 ; D18/50 

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers and help!


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looks like a bug

Hi Tohru,

The uspcs are in the source xml files so there must be a mistake in parsing them.  Here's a portion of one of the patents you mentioned:

The uspc order in the xml matches what's shown in the image in ppubs.  The text in ppubs says US Class Current and list them in a different order D16/309,D16/325,D16/312,D16/314,D16/300.  The T/camera icon in the upper left corner of the document viewer pane toggles between the text and image of the patent.

Russ Allen

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Thank you, russ!

Thanks for the information! I understand the reason. I hope this bug will be resolved.

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Parsing issue

Thank you for bringing this to the team's attention. We do seem to be missing the primary USPC classifications in the at-issue table. We have added this to our reparsing list for the next data cycle. 

In the meantime, the uspc-current table should contain complete USPC codes including the primary class for patents up through early 2018. The uspc_current file isn’t currently on the download tables page, but the download link is still live:

We also second Russ’s suggestion that the USPTO patent search tool can be used to search for the classifications of specific patents after that date. They’ll appear in the results table under the headings “OR” (main classification) and “XREF” (further classification). You can use the “settings” dropdown to enable those columns if they don’t appear automatically.

Thank you,


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Thank you for adding this issue to your reparsing list

Thank you for your reply and sharing the earlier version of the table at-issue. I confirmed this version covers all of USPCs. I am looking forward to get a forthcoming release. 


Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi