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Assignee_type and assignee_country mismatch

Dear Patentsview Team,

I'm working on assignee_disambiguated data but found that there's mismatch in assignee country indicated by assignee_type and assignee_country variables. For example: US3940599 was assigned to EMI, LLC which is a firm in England, but the assignee_type is 2 which means that this is a US firm. In the dataset as a whole, if I set the filter assignee_type==2 & assignee_disambig_country=="" (i.e. assignee_type is US firm but the assignee country is missing), the observations takes up 39,973/20,428,659. I was wondering what's going on here and how is the two variables: assignee_type and assignee_disambig_country determined in your data construction process. Thank you! Really appreciate it!



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Clustering error

Hello Luman, 

Our team thinks this may be the result of a clustering issue and is an error. It is likely that two organizations exist with the same name, but different locations, and were incorrectly grouped together. We will look to resolve it in the next data update. 
Thank you for bringing it to our attention!!