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Matching base on "pgpub_id"

I have observed a notable decrease in the number of successful matches among datasets from the Per Granted Database when using pgpub_id as the linking key, particularly after the filing year of 2014. However, this discrepancy is not present when matching datasets from the Granted Database using patent_id as the linking key.

For instance, as depicted below, the pg_published_application dataset contains 380,954 patents for the filing year of 2014 and 380,603 for 2015. Nonetheless, when matched with the pg_assignee_disambiguated dataset, the number of successful matches dropped sharply from 75,180 in 2014 to 38,413 in 2015.

Below are the STATA code and the resulting output:



Considering my objective to examine the patent application behavior of firms from 2012 to 2019, I am seeking guidance on addressing and rationalizing the pronounced reduction in the number of patent records post-2014.

Thank you for your assistance!

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understanding the decrease in pre-grant assignees beginning in 2

Hello Yishu

The decrease in the proportion of applications that include an assignee is a known characteristic specific to the application assignee data.
The 2011 America Invents Act (AIA) modified the rules for how individuals and organizations could be listed on patents and applications. These changes began to influence the published data in early 2013. In the following two years, conventions shifted in how organizations tended to mark their role and interest in patents. 

Before the implementation of the AIA, only individual inventors were permitted to be listed as applicants, and assignees were required to be listed as assignees. Following the implementation of the AIA, organizations were permitted to list themselves as applicants as well, and over the span of 2013-2015, it became common for organizations to list themselves as applicants without also listing themselves as assignees on application documents. Generally, these organizations will still be listed as assignees on the resulting patent, however. Therefore, the patent data does not show the same sharp decline in rate of assignment.

You can find some additional discussion of this phenomenon in some previous forum threads including this one.

Please let us know if we can provide any further clarity on the data!