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Access assignee_id of cited and citedby patents

Is there a way to directly access the assignee_id of the cited and citedby patents? 

I know that we can do this by iteratively requesting assignee details for each cited and citedby patents by using their patent_number. This method is quite slow. Can anyone suggest an efficient approach.

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could use the python wrapper

I don't think there is a direct way to do this.  You could download patent.tsv and patent_assignee.tsv and put them in a database and do joins.  It would run faster but would take some effort to set up.

Another alternative would be to use the python wrapper for the api : .  It wouldn't run any faster than you could do yourself but it's handling the iteration and deduping of the output.  A configuration file can contain multiple queries and the output of one query could be used as input for another query. The first query could get the cited patents from the patents numbers (one per line) listed in sample_patents.txt.  The second query would get the assignee_ids etc. and put them in QUERY2.csv.  You could add another pair of queries to get the assignee_ids for the citing_patent numbers.

entity = "patents"
input_file = "sample_patents.txt"
directory = "/Users/Russ/mygit/PatentsView-APIWrapper"
input_type = "patent_number"
fields = ["cited_patent_number"]
criteria = {"_not":{"cited_patent_number":"None"}}

entity = "patents"
input_file = "QUERY1.csv"
directory = "/Users/Russ/mygit/PatentsView-APIWrapper"
input_type = "patent_number"
fields = ["assignee_id", "assignee_organization", "assignee_first_name", "assignee_last_name"]
criteria = {"_not":{"assignee_id":"None"}}