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ID in Pre-Grant Publications Data

Dear PatientsView team,

I want to ask about the id variable in pre-grant data. I try to join the "application" table with "CPC"/"rawlocation"/"location" tables with "id", but they do not match. An example of id in "application" is "0008dcaa-ccf9-11ea-ba95-121df0c29c1e". 

For "CPC" table, it seems that I can use "document number" to join. Howeverer, the only identifier in location table is id. 

What format is the "id" in Pre-grant Data in? And how can I join location table with applicatoin table? 

Thanks a lot!

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three way join

Hi Hebe,

I think you could join application and rawinventor and rawlocation.  It would be similar to where you might want to limit it to the first inventor depending on what you are trying to do.

Russ Allen