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using query builder to download patent data

Hello, I am new to PatentsView. I am trying to use the query builder to obtain all patents granted after 2019 that cite National Institutes of Health in their government interest statements. I put in "National Institutes of Health" in the 2nd level government agency field, and "patent year greater 2019," but it shows me no result. Can anyone help? 

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query builder issue


I think there is an issue with the query builder not being able to send emails, it also doesn't seem to be populating the preview.  I have a proof of concept page that accesses the government interests at  It's hitting my site and the patentsview API if you want to see some of the data.

The other thing I'm not sure of is whether government interests will be part of the new version of the API.  I don't see their fields in the documentation for the new endpoints.

I hope this helps,
Russ Allen

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The Query Builder is able to…

The Query Builder is able to return data on this query, but may not show the data in the preview. For these results, you will need to query "National Institutes of Health" to "second level government organizations." This should return results to your inbox, though you may need to check your quarantine or spam messages to find the email from the PV server. 

Thank you,