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Recreate Patent Center Continuity


I'm trying to retrieve the same data that is on this page:

The best I can see is that I should be checking the g_us_rel_doc table, but I don't see nearly as many entries under the child-doc list using this query. 

select * from g_us_rel_doc where patent_id = '10248910'


I'm still getting used to this dataset so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As an aside I also noticed that the status is not updated, is that by design? 


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finding and interpreting continuity data


One of the limitations of our raw data tables, including the g_us_rel_doc table, is that the data contained is data as it appears on the initial publication of the relevant document. In this case, that means that the records with the patent_id value of “10248910” will be only the related documents that existed at the time patent 10248910 was issued. This includes all seven of the parent documents for 10248910 that are listed on the USPTO continuity page that you reference. 

You may note that most of these documents appear in two records - once as a “parent-doc” and once as a “child-doc”. This is because the table reflects the relationship of each parent/child pair in the patent’s application ancestry to each other as well as to the patent in question which is descended from both of them. The “child-doc” that is not repeated as a “parent-doc” is the application number of the patent itself, and the “parent-doc” that is not repeated as a “child-doc” is the original application which spawned the successive continuations. If you want to find only those applications which are direct ancestors of the patent with no duplication, you can restrict your search to only those records with a “related_doc_kind” value of “parent-doc”.

In order to find the descendants of the patent, you would need to search for documents which list the patent’s application as their own ancestor; that is you would want to search for records where the “related_doc_number” equals the application number of the patent and the “related_doc_kind” is equal to “parent-doc”.

Let us know if we can provide any additional clarification!


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Missing data?


Thank you for the reply! That's very helpful. I do have a follow on question. If I understood you correctly it seems like we need to walk up the tree using a query similar to this:

select * from g_us_rel_doc where related_doc_number = '15237625' and related_doc_kind = 'parent-doc'

If that's correct I do get a lot more data, but only 70 records. Comparing between the results from this data set to what's shown in patent center there are quite a few entries that appear to be missing from patents view that are in the child table in patent center. I noticed that any entry in the patent center table with status abandoned is missing which I suppose make sense, but I'm also finding that for many of the applications in the child table I can’t find even in the g_application table either. For example, I don't see application_id: 17245201 in g_application 

There are about 80 or more missing applications that I see so far. I thought maybe it was newer data in patent center, but many are missing as far back as 2020 like application_id:  17001459

Is this expected? 

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Oh I see now that g…

Oh I see now that g_application is for granted patents only. I think I need to walk both the g_us_rel_doc and pg_us_rel_doc tables which makes sense. My mistake.

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g_ and pg_ tables

Yes, you are correct that both the g_ and pg_ tables would be needed to get the full data on related documents.

You may also find the table pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk useful. This table provides the application number for all patents and pre-grant publications, as well as a marker for the most current documents associated with an application number in cases where a single application resulted in multiple publications or patents.


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Just to double check, would pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk have application 18069206? My query below is coming up empty? 

select * from pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk where application_id='18069206'

Looks like must have downloaded an older version of the Looks like mine was from Sept 19th. 

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Yes, versions of the crosswalk downloaded from 09/20/2023 onwards should include application 18069206. If anything else looks amiss, please let us know!


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  After updating the files…


After updating the files in our database to the latest and confirming the row counts match what is indicated on the bulk download page I can't find the following applications in the g_applications, pg_published_application or the pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk tables. 

Example query:

select * from pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk where application_id in ('18171328','18339207','18146928','18161862','18189967','18297500','18339214','18360687','18158463','18464623','18191876','18304343','18361829','18186117','18336873','18358005','18189967','18299677','18361835','18360687','18181539','18333414','18336838','18361830','18186605','18339191','18169203','18184548','18353898','18460667','18489003','18299470','18354651','18361825','18361831','18488968')

They all seem to have a filing date from this year with a pending status (indicated in Patent Center). See data frame output tsv below. 

    Application #    Filing or 371 (c) date    Status    Patent #    AIA    Description    Parent application #    not_in_patentsview
25    18171328    02/18/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
26    18339207    06/21/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
33    18146928    12/27/2022    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
44    18161862    01/30/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
45    18189967    03/24/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
46    18297500    04/07/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
47    18339214    06/21/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
48    18360687    07/27/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
51    18158463    01/23/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
52    18464623    09/11/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
65    18361831    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
71    18191876    03/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
85    18304343    04/21/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
86    18361829    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
108    18186117    03/17/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
109    18336873    06/16/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
110    18358005    07/24/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
115    18189967    03/24/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
135    18299677    04/12/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
136    18339191    06/21/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
137    18361835    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
146    18360687    07/27/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
169    18181539    03/09/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
170    18333414    06/12/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
171    18336838    06/16/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
172    18361830    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
183    18186605    03/20/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
184    18339191    06/21/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
209    18169203    02/14/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
210    18184548    03/15/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
211    18353898    07/18/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
212    18460667    09/04/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
213    18489003        Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
242    18299470    04/12/2023    Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
243    18354651    07/19/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
244    18361825    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
245    18361831    07/29/2023    Pending    -    Yes    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True
246    18488968        Pending    -    -    is a Continuation in-part of    15/237,625    True

One curious correlation is that all of the entries in the child table on Patent Center ( that DO NOT have a application number with a hyperlink are in this list.

Is that an expected limitation of the dataset? Is that coming from PED? Any thoughts on what that means or where Patent Center data sources differ from patentsview in this regard and how/when that data propagates to patentsview? 

As an aside, I also couldn't find this abandoned application in the crosswalk or application tables:

select * from pg_granted_pgpubs_crosswalk where application_id = '18146966'


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Data Date Range limits

All of these applications appear to have publication dates after the current date cutoff of PatentsView data. PatentsView follows a quarterly update cycle that allows us time to run and validate our disambiguation and standardization processes.

PatentsView's data currently cuts off at the end of June 2023, with data up through the end of September 2023 coming in our next data update. Information on the current date limit of our data can be found on our Release Notes page or the metadata sidebar on our data downloads page.