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Pre-Grant Publications Data Download Tables

Notice: The assignee, inventor and location tables do not yet include data from June 2020 - Dec 2020. - PVTeam, April 12, 2021
Table Name Description # of Rows Origin Data Last Updated
granted_patent_crosswalkzip: 52,2 MiB, tsv: 233.1 MiB Mapping between published applications and granted patents 3,228,546 processed April 01, 2021
applicationzip: 1.2 GiB, tsv: 4.84 GiB Data on patent applications 5,570,731 raw April 07, 2021
zip: 18.3 MiB, tsv: 38.2 MiB
Disambiguated assignee data for granted patents and pre-granted applications 522,220 disamb March 08, 2021
brf_sum_text Brief summary text   raw April 01, 2021
claim Full text of patent application claims, including dependency and sequence   raw April 08, 2021
cpc_currentzip: 570.9 MiB, tsv: 5.61 GiB Current CPC classification data for all applications (applied retrospectively to all applications) 47,411,705 raw (from separate classification files) April 01, 2021
cpczip: 158.1 MiB, tsv: 1.64 GiB CPC classification data for all applications at the time of submission 12,521,266 raw April 01, 2021
detail_desc_text Detailed patent application description text   raw April 01, 2021
draw_desc_text Drawing description text   raw April 01, 2021
foreign_priorityzip: 41.5 MiB, tsv: 260.2 MiB Foreign priority data 2,745,691 raw April 01, 2021
zip: 39.8 MiB, tsv: 171.6 MiB
Disambiguated inventor data for granted patents and pre-granted applications 4,310,831 disamb March 08, 2021
ipcrzip: 149.1 MiB, tsv: 1.58 GiB International Patent Classification data for all applications (as of application date) 12,985,752 raw April 01, 2021
zip: 8.5 MiB, tsv: 46.8 MiB
Disambiguated location data, including latitude and longitude for granted patents and pre-granted applications 532,373 disamb March 08, 2021
pct_datazip: 19.1 MiB, tsv: 140.1 MiB PCT data 1,119,414 raw April 01, 2021
publicationzip: 38.2 MiB, tsv: 438.8 MiB Published application data 5,570,731 raw April 01, 2021
rawassigneezip: 123.0 MiB, tsv: 537.4 MiB Raw assignee information as it appears in the source text and XML files 2,854,906 raw April 01, 2021
rawinventorzip: 519.1 MiB, tsv: 2.63 GiB Raw inventor information as it appears in the source text and XML files 15,483,291 raw April 01, 2021
rawlocationzip: 223.1 MiB, tsv: 1.56 GiB Raw location information as it appears in the source text and XML files 17,661,949 raw April 12, 2021
rel_app_textzip: 161.9 MiB, tsv: 1.05 GiB Related applications text 2,103,803 raw April 01, 2021
us_partieszip: 290.2 MiB, tsv: 1.75 GiB US parties listed on the application 10,522,788 raw April 01, 2021
uspczip: 65.2 MiB, tsv: 475.6 MiB USPC classification data for all applications 6,818,582 raw April 01, 2021
usreldoczip: 98.3 MiB, tsv: 791.0 MiB U.S. related documents (post-2005 applications only) 7,392,054 raw April 01, 2021

The PatentsView database is created from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) public bulk data releases available at These data releases provide information on published patent applications (since 2001) and granted patents (since 1976). The PatentsView database for patents is available for download upon request, MySQL dump. The PatentsView database for  published applications contains pre-grant publications (PGPub) of patent applications (see MPEP § 1120) and is available in the top row of data in the table above. At this time, the published applications database does not contain the earliest years (2001-2005) of data or any of the disambiguation results.

For more information, visit the Methods and Sources section of the website.

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