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Citation data for pre-grant publication


Wondering if citation data can be provided in pre-grant publication?

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pre-grant citations unavailable

Hi Leo

I'm sharing our response to your support ticket on this post for the potential benefit of other users:

Thank you for using PatentsView, and thank you for your suggestion!

Unfortunately, citation data is not included as part of pre-grant publication documents. You can confirm on USPTO's Patent Public Search that there is no cited documents section in the PDF copies of application publications, and USPTO's Bulk Data XML similarly does not provide a section for this information.

My recommendation would be to use the granted-pgpub crosswalk table available on our bulk download tables page to identify the patent that corresponds to a given application, if one exists. After identifying the relevant patent, you can use the patent/application/foreign citation tables, and filter the references based on whether the citation was provided by the applicants themselves or by the patent examiner, as indicated in the "citation_category" column. Documents that are marked as "cited by examiner" would have been added after the initial application.

I hope this helps!