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Brief Summary Data Downloads: Pre-Grant Publications

Brief Summary Text Downloads
2021895.3 MB 2020848.5 MB 2019810.8 MB 2018759.7 MB 2017758.1 MB 2016777.8 MB
2015785.3 MB 2014776.5 MB 2013726.4 MB 2012716.0 MB 2011724.0 MB 2010779.9 MB
2009742.4 MB 2008622.3 MB 2007599.2 MB 2006697.2 MB 2005693.6 MB  

The PatentsView database is created from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) public bulk data releases available at These data releases provide information on published patent applications (since 2001) and granted patents (since 1976). The PatentsView database for patents is available for download upon request, MySQL dump. The PatentsView database for  published applications contains pre-grant publications (PGPub) of patent applications (see MPEP § 1120) and is available in the top row of data in the table above. At this time, the published applications database does not contain the earliest years (2001-2005) of data or any of the disambiguation results.

For more information, visit the Methods and Sources section of the website.

This work was created through a government contract funded by the Office of Chief Economist in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Users are free to use, share, or adapt the material for any purpose, subject to the standards of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (

Attribution should be given to PatentsView ( for use, distribution, or derivative works.